Them Rich Vibes Chronicles: Zany and Brees

Them Rich Vibes Chronicles: Zany and Brees



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After serving eight years for a crime she didn’t commit, Zany’s return home is lackluster. She has nothing, not even her first love and the love of her life, Mouse. She prided herself on being his ride or die, but was she just his fool? Zany soon realizes that the man she loved the most is her worst enemy and he’s living a double life. Zany eventually discovers shocking secrets about the day of her arrest, pushing her deeper into finding out the truth. Now she is out for blood vowing to take everything Mouse owns. In the process, Zany’s life begins to spiral out of control and she realizes that the sweetest revenge can cause you to lose the one you truly love.

Brees has the streets—and the women that come with them—on lock, but with the woman he has always cared for coming home from prison, things get hectic. Brees drifts away from the streets to focus on his new relationship. But little does he know, Zany doesn’t want a relationship. She wants revenge on the man who she feels ruined her life. How can Brees compete with a man who has always had Zany’s heart?

Them Rich Vibes is a novel about taking everything that is owed to you, even if you have to scheme and hurt the people dearest to you in the process. Welcome to Zany and Brees’s story.



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