Riverview Manor (Cid Garrett P.I. Book 6)

Riverview Manor (Cid Garrett P.I. Book 6)



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“We’re here in front of a grand mansion,” Mike started. “It was moved from another location. As we have seen in previous shows about renovations, you never know who or what you’re going to wake up once you start lifting floorboards. But what happens when you lift the entire house?”

Deep in the damp cellars of Riverview, the dead woke from their long rest. They were assaulted by sunlight as the house moved away from the foundations. Hands reached up to pull back the house which had progressed beyond their grasp. They huddled in the dark corners until nightfall and then crawled out looking for the house they had always thought was rightfully theirs. The stark construction-littered lawn was all that greeted them. They felt the pull of the house and knew it was near, but the light had cost them too much energy. They moved back down to the hidden rooms and would reside there until they had enough power to go in search of their stolen home. And when they found it, the people who stole it would pay. They would pay dearly.

Cid and Jesse head down south to an unusual renovation project. They are going to put a post-Civil War mansion back together after it was moved from its riverside home up Telegraph Hill to sit on the property where a once proud Queen Anne house stood before it was burned to the ground.

Pickles Renovation is going to have to deal with more than cracked timbers and reconstructing the damaged areas of Riverview Manor. They have ghosts to rest from Riverview Manor’s past but also Briarwood House, a house that haunts Riverview. Cid, who stubbornly refuses help from Mia Martin early in the investigation, decides that Riverview is way over his and Jesse’s heads. He decides to call in the best of the best to help. But will it be in time?

Join Cid Garrett on an investigation of a lifetime in Riverview Manor, book six of the Cid Garrett P.I. series.



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