Gifts of Humanity

Gifts of Humanity



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Albert Einstein said that we needed a new way of thinking if mankind is to survive and reach higher levels. This is a new paradigm for our humanity to view our modern world and remain emotionally strong. It gives concise definitions of all major concepts of key principles that guide our humanity to its potential. A species is defined by its unique attributes. These attributes allow each species to thrive and enjoy a fullness of life. Like with a dog’s keen sense of smell, allowing it to hunt, survive, and have an abundant life. Our unique gifts also define our humanity and bring us a fullness of life. Our gifts are developed by choice, hard work, and time. Our dreams include hopes for happiness, great relationships, successful careers, and peaceful societies. These dreams are the hopes we all have. They will become a reality when we more fully develop the gifts of our humanity. Our shared hopes cannot be attained in any other way. Our gifts answer our challenges and help us cope through life. These gifts are changeless. They have the power to evolve us to unimaginable heights. Steven R Covey said, “People can’t live with change if there’s not a changeless core inside them. The key to the ability to change is a changeless sense of who you are, and what you value”. Knowing what our innate gifts are is not enough. We also need to know the virtues and truths which guide our gifts for our well-being. We need core beliefs that don’t change as we struggle for understanding. We need beliefs that relate to our potential and that put things into perspective. We need beliefs that don’t change with recent trends but transcend culture and disrobe falsehoods. We do not need psychology textbooks that are outmoded by the time they are printed. This is our time to live, we need to get it right, and we deserve to know the truth!



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