Fox and Cameron's Food Science, Nutrition & Health, 7th Edition; ISBN-10: 0340809485; 1444113372; ISBN-13: 978-0-3408-0948-8; 978-1-4441-1337-2;
Fox and Cameron’s Food Science, Nutrition & Health 7th Edition
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Fox and Cameron’s Food Science, Nutrition & Health 7th Edition



Fox and Cameron’s Food Science, Nutrition & Health 7th Edition

ISBN-13: 978-0-3408-0948-8;
ISBN-10: 0340809485;
Publication date: March 31, 2006
Publisher: CRC Press
Edition: 7th ed
Language: English
Print length: 323
File: PDF
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Fox and Cameron’s Food Science, Nutrition & Health 7th Edition

The seventh edition of this classic book has been entirely revised and updated by one of the UK’s leading professors of human nutrition. Written in a clear and easy-to-read style, the book deals with a wide range of topics, from food microbiology and technology to healthy eating and clinical nutrition. It also tackles the more difficult area of biochemistry and makes the chemical nature of all the important food groups accessible.

Preface to the 7th edition

Fox and Cameron have rightly become the leading textbook in the field of Food Sciences and Nutrition, for use both in colleges and in schools, as well as a reference source for the food and catering companies. The style created by Fox and Cameron was both accessible and authoritative, and not without humour in places.
For this revised 7th edition, a great debt is still owed to B. A. Fox and A. G. Cameron (Brian Fox sadly died in 2002). I have tried to retain their human touch and the balance between presenting up-to-date scientific issues in the context of foods we all know and love (or loathe, in some cases).
I have been helped enormously by the hard work of Dr Wendy Wrieden, Centre for Public Health Nutrition Research, University of Dundee, UK, and
we have both relied on help from our secretaries and academic colleagues in the process of revision.
Some of the books are left unchanged from the latest editions. This is in part a testimony to the huge amount of material marshalled by Fox and Cameron.
However, all the chapters have been brought up to date to incorporate new evidence, new technologies and new emphasis. Reflecting the change in editorship and the changing demands of the food industry to meet the needs of consumers, this new edition includes a great deal more on the impact of foods on health – both through nutrition and through foodborne infections. Referencing is much reduced in this 7th edition. Rather than referring back to older publications, students and their teachers should be accessing the latest scientific regulatory and policy documents on the internet. The impact on the food industry of new, consumer-centred agencies such as the Food Standards Agency and the Joint Health Claims Initiative, are felt throughout this new edition, and students will need to monitor their websites for new information.
The times are certainly changing for the food industry. With continued globalization and 90 per cent of all food regulations in the UK now being derived
from Europe, students and workers in the food industry need to keep on their toes. This book is designed to help.

Table of Contents

Preface to the 7th edition and Acknowledgements
Preface to the 6th edition
Acronyms/terms used
Chapter 1 Food and its functions
Chapter 2 Enzymes and digestion
Chapter 3 Food, eating, health and disease
Chapter 4 Nutrient dietary requirements and reference values
Chapter 5 Obesity in the twenty-first century
Chapter 6 Fats, oils and lipids
Chapter 7 Milk and dairy products
Chapter 8 Carbohydrates
Chapter 9 Carbohydrate-rich foods
Chapter 10 Amino acids and proteins
Chapter 11 Protein-rich foods
Chapter 12 Water and beverages
Chapter 13 Mineral elements
Chapter 14 Vitamins and other bioactive food constituents
Chapter 15 Fruits, nuts and vegetables
Chapter 16 Methods of cooking
Chapter 17 Diet and health
Chapter 18 Food spoilage and preservation
Chapter 19 Toxins, food-borne infections and food hygiene
Chapter 20 Food contaminants – adulterants and additives

About the Author:

Michael E. J. Lean MA MB BChir MD FRCP is Professor of Human Nutrition at the University of Glasgow, Consultant Physician at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, and Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Human Nutrition, University of Colorado Health Sciences Centre, USA. He is also Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Research for the Food Standards Agency (London) and was non-executive Director of the Health Education Board for Scotland for eight years.

Reviews about the ebook:

  • Julia Simms:
    Bought them to compliment my daughter’s A-Level food course. Probably too much information for the A-Level, however it’s better to have too much than too little. Possibly more degree course literature but helpful nonetheless.
  • Yan Ying:
    I found this book to be very informative and well-organized.
  • Megan Rushman:
    Great detailed ebook.
  • Tina Betts:
    I had this book for uni and it was invaluable with the course that I was doing at the time & still comes in handy for reference now.

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