Financial Statement Analysis 11th Edition

Financial Statement Analysis 11th Edition



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Title: Financial Statement Analysis
Author(s): K.R. Subramanyam
Publisher: McGraw Hill
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9780078110962


Financial Statement Analysis, 11e, emphasizes effective business analysis and decision making by analysts, investors, managers, and other stakeholders of the company. It continues to set the standard in showing students the keys to effective financial statement analysis. The textbook is set up in a three-part framework which makes this textbook one of the best-selling books in the market. It begins with an overview (chapters 1-2), followed by accounting analysis (chapters 3-6) and then financial analysis (chapters 7-11 and a Comprehensive Case). The book presents a balanced view of analysis, including both equity and credit analysis, and both cash-based and earnings-based valuation models. The eleventh edition is aimed at accounting and finance classes, and the professional audience – as it shows the relevance of financial statement analysis to all business decision-makers. The author:


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