20 Lessons From A 20 Year Old F*ckup: What I wish I knew When I was Younger

20 Lessons From A 20 Year Old F*ckup: What I wish I knew When I was Younger



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How motivated are you to change? It is one thing to read motivational books and watch inspirational videos, but it is another thing entirely to be—and stay—motivated and inspired enough to work toward your aspirations, daily.

In this motivational self-help guide, Alex Trubnikov bares his truth with us about his life as a destitute Israeli who migrated to America with his family and had his entire perspective and outlook on life drastically altered—for the better!

The author offers a navigational step-by-step guide toward self-improvement. Using personal experience as fuel, 20 Lessons From a 20-Year-Old F*ckup assures us that anyone, no matter their background or situational stance, can change their life path by altering their mindset and actively applying the steps and advice offered in this guide.

Here’s just a taste of some of the astute nuggets of wisdom toward life improvement offered in this book:

–       The importance of knowledge

–       The relevance of networking

–       The imperativeness of self-investment

–       The power of saying, “No”

–       Your First Love Isn’t Your Last One – Promise

–       The value of making time for family and friends

–       The significance of eliminating fear by facing fear

–       The prudence of financial management

–       The priority of mental and physical health

–       The reward and value of gratitude

Alex Trubnikov might be young, but his experiences are real. He has learned, and he has grown—mentally, intellectually, and physically—in his twenty years. He is determined, disciplined, inspired, and motivated, and he wants you to be, too. Writing this book is his first step toward helping and inspiring others to becoming the best version of themselves.

If you are serious about improving not just your quality of life but also your attitude toward it, then do not pass up on this inspirational, motivational gem. You will leave the pages of this book open-eyed, galvanized, and determined.

Get inspired. Stay inspired. 



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